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Whether you require a ride to and from the airport or if you’re not eager to sit behind the wheel on a night out, you should capitalise on limo hire. Catching a flight between cities can be tiresome and the last thing you’d want to do is hop into a rental car to reach your hotel or conference centre. However, with a limo service, you receive the royal treatment while you relax on your journey to your destination. Redlands Go is a professional limo hire service that provides a seamless transport experience.


Driving yourself to a destination isn’t impossible, but when there are external factors to consider, it makes sense to hire a professional service. As a result, you can concentrate on the elements you need to, such as that presentation you’re about to deliver at a work conference. Furthermore, you can indulge at a gathering without having to find a designated driver. More people are gravitating towards hiring a limo for their transport needs because of the clear benefits.

  • The process of hiring a limo is seamless and comfortable. From the moment you select the car you desire via the website, you experience convenience. You can pay via your credit card or use Cab Charge for your ride. From then, you travel in absolute luxury with a professional driver that takes your commuting to another level.
  • Ordinary transport systems must follow dedicated routes to eventually reach a destination which results in a longer trip. After hopping off a flight or a cruise, you don’t want to spend unnecessary time on the road. A high-end luxury limo service is there solely for your journey. With drivers who have a deep understanding of routes around the region, you can be certain that you will reach your destination swiftly.
  • Using this service allows you to create a memorable first impression. The luxurious fleet of vehicles from which you can select transforms the journey into an opulent one. It’s ideal for corporate organisations that are expecting visitors from other countries. After sitting in the lap of luxury with their transfer from the airport, your guests will appreciate your efforts.


We established our business to offer people luxurious travel solutions at an affordable rate. Over the years more people have trusted us with their transport requirements and our ability to exceed expectations have transformed us into a leader in the industry. Apart from regular airport trips and private nights out, we can arrange private sightseeing tours alongside theme park transfers and cruise transfers.

  • The process for a limousine hire is straightforward as you can identify the luxury vehicle you’d prefer to travel in depending on the number of occupants. Select the destination and the term for hire. Our fleet of cars is available 24 hours a day which is ideal for people flying it at odd times or those that enjoy late evenings.
  • We offer our services in the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and the Brisbane airport and the local wharf. Your personal driver is available to you throughout the term, and you’ll have access to their private phone number for your convenience.
  • Our fleet caters to various needs with sedans, SUVs and executive vans available. Consequently, we can transport anything from one to ten passengers.


For over ten years, we’ve been providing a professional, stress-free service to people who require a comfortable ride. Since we are a family-oriented business, the reputation we leave with every customer is crucial. As a result, you can always expect the best possible transport with our cars and drivers. Contact us to obtain a transport quote for your next journey.

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